Over the years we have found that trends change. But some things stay the same. In this part of the world traditional breads are always in demand. Wheaten, Fruit Soda, Plain Soda and Treacle are always on the shelves.

Over the past few years, more and more continental breads have been popular. Even new slants on wheaten like, Wheaten with Ginger and Date and Apple Wheaten have been popular. Of course Scones, Pancakes, Potato Bread and Soda Farls remain part of the stable diet in these parts.

Our range extends to wheat and gluten free breads, changing diets mean we have to move with the times. Rye bread has been quite popular, and more recently, Gluten Free Christmas Cake has proved a great hit.

Keeping new prouducts on the shelf means that every week there's always something new! Cakes from the traditional Maderia and Boiled, to Lemon and Blueberry.

A new hot food counter has just been installed, were we aim to serve good quality home cooking, complementing our extensive sandwich and roll department. To make sure you get what you want, contact us and place an order.

You name it we got it, or if we don't we'd be interested to hear your idea's. The best way to see our produce, is to call in. Come to Lisnaskea and follow the smell of good quality, fresh home baking!